Upstate Stock - Grey Fleck Fine Gauge Recycled Cotton Watchcap

Upstate Stock - Grey Fleck Fine Gauge Recycled Cotton Watchcap

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What is Eco-cotton? Eco-cotton is a blend of reclaimed cotton fibers from discarded garment scraps combined with a small amount of nylon made from the incredible RPET process of recycling plastic (PET) bottles into fiber. Through a proprietary scrap fabric color matching system there are no dyes or chemicals used in the process of creating such vibrant colors from what would otherwise be textile waste.

We have gone through a painstaking process of twisting 3 ends of the finest version of this yarn to make a soft and sturdy weight that we can knit into our signature watchcap. 

Washing Instructions
Machine washing is fine but do not machine dry, just lay flat. Cotton stretches out a lot so after washing the hat it may feel tight, like when you first purchased it, but will stretch out quickly. 


Yarn: This hat is made from RCotton, a yarn milled in Spain by Ferre, a centuries old mill. Why Spain? Spain is home to the largest textile manufacturing factories in the world (Zara anyone?) and is a country that is decades ahead of any other country in recycling post-industrial and post-consumer textile waste produced by these factories. We  purchase this yarn from their American partner mill, Hickory Throwing in North Carolina.