Lemon Curd - Beth's Farm Kitchen

Lemon Curd - Beth's Farm Kitchen

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Secret recipe! A gently cooked mixture of fresh lemon juice with butter and eggs until thickened into a satiny texture.

(Top your pancakes, waffles, or stir in your breakfast yogurt bowl and granola). - Gluten-Free - Contains: Dairy (Butter) and Egg - No artificial colors or flavors - No artificial sweeteners - 8 oz Jar

Natural Ingredients: cane sugar, eggs, lemon juice, unsalted butter, lemon zest - Food Pairing: on challah toast, yogurt, cake topping, ice cream, inside crepes - Cheese Pairing: Mascarpone, Brie or Triple Creme

Shelf Life: unopened 24 months, opened and refrigerated 3 months