Camping Set With Cooking Facilities

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Toy Tent Set: It contains a tent, a handheld lantern, a watch, 2 plates, a complete set of military-themed cutlery, 2 toy grilled meats, 2 toy bell peppers, 2 toy sausages, 2 different-sized toy pots, a toy campfire stove, 3 support poles, 1 support pole fixing clip, a toy chain, and a toy grate.

🏕️ Lightweight and Easy Setup: This tent is made of lightweight materials, making it easy to set up and dismantle. Kids can easily arrange their mini camping site indoors or outdoors.

🏕️ Bright Handheld Lantern: Comes with a cute handheld lantern that allows kids to explore in the dark and adds fun and surprise to their adventures.

🏕️ Multi-functional Tools: The tent comes with a variety of realistic toys such as a watch, plates, grilled meat, bell peppers, sausages, and different-sized pots, providing kids with a playful experience of outdoor barbecue and wilderness living.